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Granite: Built to last by Mother Nature.

Granite’s inherent strength, abrasion resistance and superior weathering durability are why it is one of the preeminent material selections available to today's architects.

Being one of the hardest of the dimension stone types, granite was historically avoided by the smaller, local stone fabricating shops. They favored marbles and limestones due to their easier working properties. A recent boom in the supply of affordable machinery and abrasives technologies eliminated these previous difficulties in fabrication. The use of granite has skyrocketed in residential interior applications as a result.

A Palette of Durable, Long-Lasting Pieces

Available in a striking array of colors, granite's durability, longevity, and economy make it ideal for kitchen countertops and other heavily-used surfaces, including table tops and floors.

While synthetic surfaces scratch easily, the hardness of the minerals comprising most granites surpasses that of the utensils that are used on them, heightening scratch resistance. Granite is typically heat resistant up to temperatures of ±250°C (±480°F), although direct application of localized heat sources is discouraged, since strong thermal gradients within the stone can initiate cracking. Studies of bacteria retention on common countertop surfaces have proven granite to be superior to the majority of surfaces employed for that purposes (Ref: MIA Technical Bulletins).

Caring for Your Granite

If unfamiliar with how to care for these stone surfaces, one would think that each type is cared for in the same way. However that's a misconception. Two stones, marble and granite, for example are very different in their geological makeup. It’s beneficial to know some of their differences. Granite is igneous, or a very hard stone. Therefore it may need harder abrasives for refinishing.

To identify granite, do a scratch test. Take a knife blade, and try scratching the surface (in an inconspicuous place). If it's hard to scratch, then it's likely to be granite (or some type of igneous rock). If you are able to scratch the stone, it is either marble or limestone.

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